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Display Advertising

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Placing a display advertisement in the Texas Dental Journal is one of the best ways to reach more than 9,000 Texas dentists and dental professionals. The Texas Dental Journal is published monthly, and it is the only statewide publication of its kind to reach the majority of state’s dentists. The Journal is also available on for TDA members. To view a display advertising media kit, which includes advertising standards, specs, prices, and demographics, please click here.

DEADLINES: A signed contract must be sent by the 20th of the month, 2 months prior to the publication. Ad artwork is due by the 1st of the month, 1 month prior to the publication. 

For more information, contact Nicole Scott at 512-443-3675 ext. 131, or

Classified Advertising

For advertising practice opportunities, items for sale, etc., classified advertising is also a great way to reach Texas dentists. Available at a reduced rate as an ADA member benefit, classified advertisements must not quote revenues or gross or net incomes; only generic language referencing income will be accepted. Journal editors reserve the right to edit copy of classified advertisements. (For full instructions, policies, terms, and conditions, please click here.)

SUBMISSION AND CANCELLATION DEADLINE: 20th, 2 months prior to publication (eg, November 20th for January issue).

MONTHLY RATES: FOR PRINT: first 30 words = $60 for ADA members; $100 for non-members; $0.10 for each additional word.
ONLINE: $40 a month (no word limit); to place the ad online immediately = $60 (1-time charge).  Online ads circulate the first of each month.

Advertising orders will not be accepted on the phone and must be submitted through the website by clicking here.